Bozzio AG
your partner for drive-by-wire solutions in the automotive market.

We develop and produce safe redundant steering systems including human-machine-interfaces HMI’s. Bozzio AG is active in two different market segments:

Drive-by-wire steering system for people with physical handicaps.

With joysteer physically handicapped people can drive their car on their own. The joysteer system can be installed in almost every vehicle and fully adapted to the Customer’s needs. The signals for steer, gas and brake of the input devices are 100% transferred to the wheel with safe electronics; so-called “by-wire” technology.

Drive-by-wire steering system for industrial applications in the after-market.

Bozzio develops and produces safety-critical applications in close collaboration with industrial partners; all based on Drive-by-Wire Technology. The focus lies with autonomous and teleoperated applications. The target markest are municipal vehicles, agriculture, forestry, defence, construction machines and people/cargo movers.

Bozzio launches joysteer 3.0 on Rehacare 2024


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