joysteer Drive-by-Wire

joysteer Drive-by-wire system for industrial applications in agriculture, forestry, special machines and for unmanned and autonomous driving.

Key features of joysteer Drive-by-wire

  • Drive-by-wire technology without mechanical backup
  • Redundant system for “steering and braking function” at the ASIL D level
  • Integrated electrical throttle system at the ASIL C level
  • Driving with joysticks
  • CANopen or FlexRay interface for controlling the system

Steering characteristics

Actuators designed for vehicle type class M1/N1 and M3/N3

+/- 0.1°
Max Speed
Max Torque
42 Nm
Rotation Range
+/- 720°

Breaking characteristics

0.27 mm
Max Speed
260 mm
Pedal Force
1272 N

E-gas characteristics

Three analog inputs 12-bit ADC
Three analog outputs 12-bit DAC
Original OEM input or E-Gas input can be used

Additional Options and Features

  • Extensions with electrical gear shifter
  • Extensions with of Electric park brake
  • Integration of secondary functions (lights, horn, indicators….)
  • Hands off
  • Brake override
  • Forced override detection